Audience Comments

"Loved the presentation; very valuable."

"Really great information transfer; he's really an expert in fundraising with a lot to share."

"Dan’s presentation was intriguing and definitely informative. Glad I chose the workshop."

"Very human, real, and down to earth presentation. Realistic, humorous, and emotional. Excellent info, examples, and modeling!!"

"Daniel is incredible."

"Phenomenal! Really enjoyed the nuts & bolts ideas to put into action."

"The example Dan showed of the ways to encourage people to donate is inspiring."

"Will take at least one idea back. He was awesome. Just great."

"Really inspiring session. I had two sets of note going: content notes I could look back on – second list of immediate action items and new ideas I want to implement as soon as possible! So good! So inspired!"

"Very helpful ideas for fundraising."

"Good speaker and topic! Very engaging and good info!"

"Appreciated the handout & well-prepared PowerPoint. Appreciated the ability to ask questions throughout the discussion."

"Excellent speaker and topic."

"Fantastic, inspiring presentation. "